GK Training Sessions for Kids Ages 8 to 12 Years Old.

Soccer goalkeeper training for kids ages 8-12 is crucial to developing fundamental skills and laying the foundations for a successful future goalkeeper. Some important points that we take into account at Be Goalkeeper during this training are:

1. Basic Techniques: Teaching children basic techniques such as proper hand and foot position and body alignment will help improve their ability to catch and deflect the ball.

2. Reflexes and agility: Practicing exercises that improve reflexes and agility is essential so that goalkeepers can react quickly to shots and changes of direction of the ball.

3. Footwork: Goalkeepers must learn to move quickly inside the area and master footwork techniques in order to position themselves properly and anticipate plays.

4. Exits and blocks: Teaching children how to correctly exit the goal and block shots will allow them to close spaces and reduce the options of the opposing striker.

5. Communication: Fostering communication between the goalkeeper and his teammates is key to maintaining a solid defense and avoiding confusion during the match.

6. Concentration and Confidence: Helping children develop their concentration and self-confidence will allow them to stay focused and deal with pressure calmly.

7. Specific exercises: Incorporating specific exercises for goalkeepers, such as working with cones and hoops to improve coordination and movements, is essential for their development.

8. Have fun and be motivated: It is important to maintain a fun and motivating training environment so that children enjoy the process and feel inspired to constantly improve.

At Be Goalkeeper we ensure that goalkeeper training for children must be appropriate for their age and skill level, always focusing on the all-round development of the goalkeeper, both technically and emotionally.