GK Training Sessions for Ages from 13 to 18 Years Old.

Soccer goalkeeper training for young people from 13 to 18 years old seeks to consolidate and perfect the skills acquired during previous stages, preparing them to face greater competitive challenges. Some key points in this level of training in Be Goalkeeper are:

1. Advanced Techniques: Reinforce and refine basic goalkeeper techniques, such as body position, hand and foot coordination, and making saves with different parts of the body.

2. Physical training: Working on endurance, speed, strength and flexibility is essential to improve the goalkeeper's performance and reduce the risk of injury.

3. Aerial game: Focus on mastering the aerial game, both to intercept crosses and to go out and cut balls in the area.

4. Reading the game: Teach goalkeepers to anticipate and read the plays of the opposing team, in order to be able to position themselves strategically and react effectively.

5. Exits and coverage: Improve decision making during arc exits and learn to cover spaces to reduce shooting angles.

6. Psychological training: Work on concentration, confidence and a positive mentality, since the role of the goalkeeper implies great pressure and responsibility in the game.

7. Footwork: Learn to play with your feet and actively participate in building play from the box, an increasingly important skill in modern football.

8. Game Situation Specific Drills: Incorporate simulations of real game situations, such as penalties, free kicks and one-on-ones, to improve decision-making under pressure.

9. Video analysis: Use video analysis to review performances and highlight areas for improvement, which can help goalkeepers correct mistakes and enhance their strengths.

10. Teamwork: Promote communication and coordination with the rest of the defensive team to strengthen the solidity of the defense as a whole.

At Be Goalkeeper we think that the training for goalkeepers of this age should be progressive, challenging and adapted to the individual needs of each player, always seeking the integral development of him as a footballer and as a person.